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Watchdog on Wall Street with Chris Markowski

Length: 3 Hours
Satellite: Westwood One XDS
Weekday Feed: Mon-Fri 6-9am ET
Weekend Feed: Fri 7-10pm ET
Show debut: 2000
Syndicated since: 2000

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    Chris Markowski is... The Watchdog On Wall Street

    Far removed from the hustle and bustle of New York City, born and raised in upstate New York, is the unlikely starting point for one of Wall Street's most sincere and unique individuals. Chris Markowski has carried the titles of author, investment banker, equity analyst, muckraker, all around trouble-maker, and most importantly consumer advocate.

    Chris's history on Wall Street reads like a novel with suspense, intrigue, and corruption at the highest levels. Chris started his career by taking a job at an up-and-coming investment firm. Within two years, under his guidance, his initiatives helped increase sales by 1,500% and made the firm #2 on "INC Magazine's" fastest growing privately held companies list. However, while working and spending significant time in the same water as some of Wall Street's most notorious "sharks", Chris discovered how corrupt Wall Street could be. The fact that so many executives with fancy college degrees and glowing resumes had the capacity, with no remorse, to scam their customers and the public at large, was mind-boggling. The "respected" firm that he helped build was nothing more than an opportunity for insiders to get rich and investors to lose their shirts. Instead of accepting the culture of gluttony and deceit like many others on Wall Street, Chris went on to blow the cover off the charade, exposing the countless instances of lies, greed and manipulation. Chris exposed the villains and facilitated in bringing down the very firm that he helped build, sacrificing millions for honesty and integrity.

    Chris MarkowskiAfter that eye opening, life changing experience, Chris dedicated himself to making sure Americans received the truth regarding what was really happening behind the scenes on Wall Street; not the fabrications and half-truths that the big firms and financial media outlets were churning out on a daily basis. Chris' task in "analyzing the analysts" has made him the chief thorn in the side of the Wall Street elite. Never afraid to take on a giant, Chris has gone head to head with the large brokerage houses, the dot-com scams, Enron, WorldCom and corrupt politicians. He has warned America about the largest scandals and corruption years before they made headlines. Always fighting against the lies, greed and manipulation that scarred him, The Watchdog On Wall Street has one singular concern & focus: To serve the American consumer & investor.

    For more than 15 years, Chris has imbued his vision of honesty, and equality in hosting The Watchdog On Wall Street radio show, during which he shares the financial & political news the other business shows are afraid of.

    This is the battle cry that opens every The Watchdog On Wall Street show: Caution! You have entered the only con-free, hoax-free, fraud-free, swindle-free arena anywhere in the financial media. You are now in the neighborhood of the Watchdog!

    Chris also makes himself available for frequent interviews on local and national talk radio shows and on television. He's appeared on FoxNews, CNN, & CNBC, and in Forbes, MSN-Money, The Wall Street Journal, and many other outlets.

    Daily Feature
    Chris also offers two Money Minute features every weekday, which is available to air without any barter advertising.

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