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Putting Your Financial House In Order financial radio show

Length: 1 Hour
Satellite: Westwood One XDS
Feed: Saturdays 12am-1am ET
Show debut: August 2012
Syndicated since: 2012

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39:50 Show | 15:10 Local | 5:00 Network

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    Putting Your Financial House In Order
    Putting Your Financial House In Order

    If you're looking for yet another Wall Street friendly, "Here's what's going on in the market, call us so we can sell you something" radio show... keep looking.

    Putting Your Financial House In Order™ is different. We're not Wall Street funded brokers or Insurance Company backed salesmen. Our show is a round table discussion hosted by financial educator and best-selling author Daryl Bank. For the past 15+ years Daryl has been speaking to folks around the country the importance of first building a solid foundation. His no-nonsense, easy to follow and understand, style has made Daryl one of the most sought out and respected financial educators of our time.

    Each week Putting Your Financial House In Order™ features guests who are respected industry experts, to share proven tips, tools & strategies designed for the average family to help build their financial house, brick by brick, and ensure their financial future.

    Recent show topics include:

        Estate Planning
        ID Theft Prevention
        College Planning
        Tax Solutions
        Retirement Mistakes
        Credit Score 411
        Small Business Startups
        Travel Planning

    Your Hosts

    Daryl BankDaryl Bank

    Financial Guru and National best selling author Daryl Bank is on Microphone #1
    Daryl is the Managing Partner of Dominion Investment Group based out of Port St. Lucie, FL and for more than fifteen years has served client's financial interests through intense research, attentiveness, and a common-sense approach. Daryl has been a popular and trusted local radio host since 2008 and now, along with Bradley Sperling, brings his wealth of experience and no nonsense easy to follow and understand style to a national radio audience.

    The BullBradley Sperling

    On Microphone #2 is Bradley Sperling
    Bradley is a seasoned radio professional with decades of experience including stops at a variety of different radio markets and has held a multitude of titles ranging from Program and Promotions Director to Creative Services Director. Fifteen years ago, Brad started his own company called RadioShowPro, Inc., allowing him to continue pursuing his love of the craft.

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