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Now It's The News with Derrick Blair

An entertaining look at the news of the week with newsmaker interviews


Length: 1 Hour
Satellite: Westwood One XDS
Feed: Saturdays 5am-6am ET
Show debut: July 2010
Syndicated since: June 2010

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39:50 Show | 15:10 Local | 5:00 Network
Now It's The News
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    About The Show

    Now It's The News with Derrick Blair is a unique, one hour, weekly radio program that embraces the hypocrisies and idiosyncracies of our representative Republic. It's a celebration of American news and culture, in a witty and comedic blender.

    While many shows embrace talking points and are overly predictable, Derrick Blair brings a refreshing approach to Now It's The News, in the genre of 'enlightened entertainment' that includes The Colbert Report found on Comedy Central.

    Host, Derrick Blair proclaims, "In the truest spirit of bipartisanship, Now It's The News will continue to mock the Left, the Right, the Center, and all points in between."

    The one hour, weekly, satirical review of news, politics and anything that interests Derrick Blair, also features 'interesting' interviews with A- through C-list newsmakers, comedians, politicos, and Hollywierdos. Past Guests have included President Jimmy Carter, Sen. Rand Paul, Penn Jillette, Oliver Stone, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and 183 others.

    "Now It's The News with Derrick Blair appeals to core radio listeners who love news and politics, but also to a much wider audience who simply enjoy a good laugh and quality entertainment," says Talk Media Network CEO, Josh Leng. "Derrick's show is 100% original, and serves as a perfect bridge between political and non-political programming, giving listeners a humorous transition. It's also a great way to laugh off some of the stress that can build up during the week."

    Derrick Blair and Talk Media Network are proud to build on the syndication success Now It's The News has experienced since debuting in July 2010.

    Blair sums it up by saying, "Our goal is to cross political boundaries to bring America together in laughter at its news, politics, and culture. That and total world domination."

    E-mail your comments and marriage proposals to Derrick Blair at

    Follow "Now It's The News" on Twitter @nowitsthenews

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