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Frontlines of Freedom - Military Talk Radio

Entertaining, patriotic, and highly sponsorable appointment radio.


Length: 2 Hours
Satellite: Westwood One XDS
Feed: Saturdays 2am-4am ET
Show debut: June 2007
Syndicated since: June 2012

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39:50 Show | 15:10 Local | 5:00 Network
Frontlines Affiliates Receive:
  • Market exclusivity
  • Local interview availability
  • Weekly feature & promo
  • Local sales sheets
  • No-fee endorsements
  • Custom imaging
  • Quarterly Issues Report
      for FCC Public File

    For affiliate service, contact:

    Josh Leng


    Your Host: Lt. Col. Denny Gillem, US Army (Retired)

    After graduating from West Point, Colonel Gillem served 22 years in the Army, first as an Airborne Ranger with two combat tours in Vietnam, for which he was awarded two purple hearts and seven awards for Valor for his heroism. Colonel Gillem also served as a Mideast War Planner while stationed at U.S. Central Command. (Click for Full Bio)

    Program Directors Recommend Frontlines

    "Denny Gillem is the real deal - a straight shooter & a real warrior. As a radio host, he's smart, informative & engaging."
     - Phil Tower - Director of News & Information Programming, WOOD-AM / FM, Grand Rapids

    "It's a privilege to present Frontlines of Freedom to our audience. With such a strong military presence in Western Washington, so many of our listeners have a connection to the Armed Forces and it's an honor to offer them such a respected resource in Colonel Gillem."
     - Jason Antebi - Program Director, KTTH, Seattle

    "Our station is very proud to air "Frontlines of Freedom". We have a big military and government worker presence in Battle Creek, and Colonel Gillem and his guests bring a wealth of great information to our community each week. The show is very well produced, and it's a gold mine for our Quarterly Issues Public File which shows the FCC and the community that our station is addressing important community issues in a very good way. Colonel Gillem is also a great expert guest for our News Talk station on a variety of top news issues."
     - Tim Collins - Program Director, WBCK, Battle Creek

    "I listened last night (to our debut of Frontlines), it sounded great. Perfect fit for the station!"
     - Frank Acomb - Program Director, WENY-WENI, Corning-Elmira, NY

    Why should you consider airing Frontlines of Freedom on your station?

    Frontlines is appointment radio for your weekend listeners. While most P1s love military related stuff, Frontlines draws a wide cross-section of listeners, most who never served and want to learn more about the greatest military in the history of the world and what is being done for our veterans. The stories, the valor, the support programs, the life & death dramas unfolding before our eyes... it's all here. Frontlines is driving listeners and revenue to our current affiliates, and we would like to do the same for you.

        - On air 8+ years, nationally syndicated since June 2012
        - On 102 stations across America & Guam... and growing fast!
          - WVNJ/New York City, WGKA/Atlanta, KTTH/Seattle, WTIS/Tampa, KJCE/Austin, WOOD/Grand Rapids
        - A-list newsmakers
        - Hosted & produced by military veterans & news/talk radio producers
        - Affiliate friendly agreement & support
        - Weekly giveaways for listeners
        - Custom affiliate production (spots, liners & promos)
        - Custom local sales materials to help monetize the show
        - Free endorsement reads, and no talent fee market visits
        - Counts toward "Community Service" programming
             -- Show summary sheets provided for your FCC Public File

    What listeners are saying about Frontlines of Freedom

    I ran across your radio show on AM 770 here in the Seattle area about a year and a half ago looking for something interesting to listen to. Boy, I sure did. I have been an avid listener and learner since. I had 4 brothers who all served for our country.

    I love, love your bumper music. Don't count on me doing those exercises during the breaks though. Way beyond my capabilities :-) Keep up the good work. I always look forward to you next radio show!
     - Mary K.

    Let me applaud you on this amazing talk show! I heard your show for the first time this past weekend. I come from a military family and it is so nice to hear a show in support of our military; and to hear it from the "experts" rather than through regular media channels. So THANK YOU!
     - Renate S., listener to WOOD-AM/FM

    I heard your radio broadcast for the first time on my way home from work this morning. As a veteran I spent seven years in the Airborne and Infantry. I must say, I was very impressed with your show, and you now have a new fan. I will be spreading the word about your program. Fight the good fight. Thank you!!
     - Will Adams, listener to WKZO-AM

    Love your program on the radio. I am listening in Marin County, CA. Thanks for all the honest talk.
     - Jan B., listener in Fresno, CA

    Love the show - one of the best parts of the week. You guys do a great job.
     - Michael Z.

    Denny has a fascinating show. I learn something every time I listen. Denny is very passionate about the rights of service men and women.
     - Angela

    What I like about Frontlines of Freedom and why I listen, is because the show covers many areas: current events, military history, book reviews, and commentary. When Denny interviewed me on the show, it was personal. He can talk the talk and walk the walk.
    - Brian Sheetz, U.S. Army combat veteran - Distinguished Service Cross and Silver Star recipient

    I have been a regular "Frontlines of Freedom" listener from its beginning. It is an entertaining, informative and important program.

    Frontlines of Freedom is about more than information; it's about community involvement. And while the show is about our nation's military it's not just for our military. Only about one percent of the US population currently serves in uniform - the other 99% don't, and don't know much (or anything) about those who do.

    Frontlines of Freedom delivers information that the other 99% need to know, and consistently informs its listeners how they can give back to the vet population through its wide-ranging interviews and calls to action. Viewed through this perspective, Frontlines of Freedom actually performs a valuable public service for the communities in which it is present.
     - Paul Ryan, Captain, US Navy Reserve (Retired)

    Denny has great insight, experience, knowledge & honest accurate content!
     - Bill

    Denny is passionate about the message that he brings to his listeners and he has inspired excitement in those that have similar beliefs. If you haven't tuned in to Frontlines of Freedom, turn on your radio NOW. This is also a great place to market your business if the military audience and their families are a target market of your business.
     - Ginger

    Been listening via podcast for almost a year. I relly enjoy the show and feel better informed for listening! Keep up the Good work! (sharp Salute)
     - Mark in Iowa

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